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Article provided by: Horowitz Law

Doctor sexual abuse

Doctor sexual abuse

When you walk into a hospital for a doctor’s appointment, you trust them to respect your boundaries. Although some invasion of privacy may not be out of order, all tests, examinations, and procedures should still be within professional limits. However, some doctors fail to honor these limits and go ahead to sexually abuse their patients.

A doctor sexual abuse experience is a serious violation of trust and it could leave the victim devastated. The perpetrator is also guilty of violating medical ethics and more importantly, the law. If you or anyone you know have been sexually abused by a doctor or other medical professional, our doctor sexual abuse attorneys are passionate about helping you seek justice.

What is doctor sexual abuse?

Doctor sexual abuse occurs when a doctor engages in non-consensual acts with their patients. It might involve inappropriate touching, ordering inappropriate, unwarranted and perverted examinations on patients, asking inappropriate sex-related questions, making comments with a sexual undertone, or even non-consensual penetration. In many cases, medical ethics boards frown at amorous relationships between doctors and their patients. So, any form of sexual contact between a doctor and their patient can be considered inappropriate.

Who is at risk of doctor sexual abuse?

Anyone who is being attended to by a doctor can be abused by the doctor. However, statistics show that women and young girls are the most vulnerable. Because patients naturally hold their doctors in high esteem, some may find it difficult to discern abuse from a necessary procedure. Many doctors take advantage of this and manipulate patients to gain sexual pleasure. The following are some warning signs that may point to doctor sexual abuse:

  • Carrying out examinations on the private parts without protective gloves
  • Shutting you up when you voice out about being uncomfortable
  • Refusing to answer your questions about the examination
  • Insisting you undress parts of your body that are not being examined
  • Declining your request to have another person in the room with you
  • Declining your request to be examined by a doctor of a particular sex without a genuine reason

What should you do if you have been abused by a doctor?

If you are in an emergency, call 911 to get immediate help. In other circumstances, you can report to local law enforcement and they’ll help pursue a criminal case. In ideal settings, you should be able to report to the hospital or facility where you experienced the doctor sexual abuse and trust them to take appropriate action. However, many institutions tend to protect the perpetrator in a bid to save face. Ideally, such institutions are supposed to report the accused doctor to the police.

You’re not alone

If a doctor does it to you, there’s a high chance they have done it to others, and would still do it to many more. Speaking out against the perpetrator of doctor sexual abuse is the best way to ensure it doesn’t happen again. You can contact our sexual assault attorneys at Horowitz Law to help you initiate a civil lawsuit. The doctor, as well as the other third parties, would be sued and made to pay damages for their actions or negligence. Get in touch with us today and we promise to be with you at every step of the way.


Doctor sexual abuse
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Doctor sexual abuse Doctor sexual abuse Doctor sexual abuse